Thanks Ron for the Drone Video of my country property. The Client was even more impressed than I was. I also got great feedback from potential Buyers. I am not sure if it sold the house but it went a long way to helping me have a happy Client! Tony at Right At Home Realty www.tonyslavin.com


Shannon Ross Photography and his wonderful iGuide have been the defining thing that has set our listings apart from the rest. The feedback we have received from our sellers as well as prospective buyers has been fantastic and buyers have said the photography and iGuide with 365 degree views has been the element that made them want to come and see the home in person. That is worth the cost of the iGuide many times over. Not to mention what a great guy Shannon is to work with! Very personable, considerate and cooperative. He even helps with last minute staging! We have gotten subsequent listings and buyer leads from this product (as well as our own real estate experience!) and will always recommend and use Shannon Ross Photography exclusively for our business.

Thank you Shannon it's a pleasure to know and work with you. Cheers, Lynda Cudney/Sutton Group Heritage Realty Inc.

Lynda Cudney

Using Shannon's video enabled me to sell a recent listing - in DECEMBER which is viewed as a slow month - for over asking in 10 days.

Whether it is a wedding, sports event or business promotion - Shannon's videos will put you on top - especially since marketing now is social media (Instagram/Facebook) ad driven. People like watching videos more than they like reading things. So give them some great video content to watch.

Take a look at how I embedded Shannon's video, and think about what you could do with this: http://852Renaissance.info

Peter Sigurdson

I usually don't bother with reviews (especially when I'm not annoyed with the service I thought I was due) but I'll make an exception for dronepilots.ca.

They took the effort to compose the ideal images to sell my home. ?

Hopefully, you guys will offer quick-cut versions soon. I have a few sites that think would sell best at 95bpm.

John Logan

When I first heard of dronepilots I was skeptical. Then I had someone explain what a drone was. When they also explained that the "pilot" in this case actually uses a radio control and an iPad I was less skeptical.

What an age we live in when we can get such high resolution photography from the air! The cost of using dronepilots for my imaging needs is less than the high-powered lenses I used to require to obtain it from other proximate buildings.

Thanks dronepilots, you really do put the dot c-a in Canada 150! Maybe dronepilots will be a title sponsor of Canada 200 (CA-CC) in 2067!

Peter M.

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